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Value for Money / 2008

“Money is how people set a number
to value.” - David Packouz

001 | Vita, the way of life catalogue

A project for Intel exploring the future of money and the effects of e-money on our lives. I wondered how the way you spent money might reflect what you value in life.

002 | Prototype for analogue enhanced money.

Electronic money allows flows of money to be enhanced with extra layers of data and therefore meaning. With a set of bank cards linked to your account you could categorize your spending in categories like Survival, Instant Pleasure, Self-Expression and Self-Development. Over time this turns your bank statements into an in-depth analysis of your personal values, needs and desires.

003 | Track values in life, loosely based on Maslow's pyramid

004 | Ethical evaluation of your spending

005 | E-expenditures you rather keep a secret. E-expenditures you pride yourself on.

006 | For readers of the 'Selfish Gene' by Richard Dawkins

'Vita' is a mail order catalogue that uses this analysis to offer you a wide selection of detailed lifestyles. They come with preselected products, services and activities and a monthly rate. Shop lifestyles until you find one that mentally and financially fits you.

007 | Young Creative in London

008 | Pseudo Intellectual Enthusiast

009 | Enlightened Spirit of the East.