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P2P Radio / 2005

‘Occasionally you have to be forced to listen to music. You might discover something new.’ - Quote from interview with Adri van der Kemp

001 | Rendering of the player in passive and active orientation

This project was a reaction to the trend of music becoming a more individualistic activity. It reinforces the social aspect of the music experience. The thesis project for my bachelor Industrial Design at the University of Technology Eindhoven.
The inspiration for this concept were in-depth interviews with music enthusiasts.

002 | Growing virtual peer network starting with 'real-life' friends

The idea is to tune in to friends and listen to the music they are currently playing or broadcast your music selection to them.
I was interested in the emotional connections music can establish and the social working of music sharing and discovery.

003 | Interaction model for the player

The player is used to broadcast or tune in to peers. It is used in two orientation, this acts as a switch between broadcasting and listening.

004 | The player is a parasite product

The player is designed such that it borrows the functionality from already existing home products by controlling them wirelessly.

005 | Still from animation showing scenario's of usage

006 | Electronic prototype for tune-function, controlling internet streams 007 | Sketches in several materials

008 | Physical prototype; clay, aluminium, acrylic, print, rubber

Throughout the process several methods and fidelities of prototyping were used to support the decision making in scenario's, form and interaction.